Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully you find the following information helpful.

If your questions extend beyond the information covered below, don't forget that you can call our office and we'll try our best to answer any questions you may have...
Our Fax # (775)787-0799

Does Williams LTD provide my display? No... You are responsible for all of your own display. If you need a canopy, you can call Ted Van Raalte with EZ Up Canopy (800)286-0030 and he should be able to help you out. We do require that the cloth on all of your tables be draped to the ground, and no empty boxes be in the view of the public. The better your booth looks, the better your sales will be! Also, don't forget to bring weights for your canopy! Having a strong gust of wind blow your display over is a great way to wreck a fun and profitable weekend.
Do I need a state resale #? If the event is in California...Yes. Call information in your area and ask for the State Board of Equalization. They will be able to assign you a resale #. If the event is in Nevada...No. At Nevada events, we use a one time tax envelope. It is handed out in the morning on day one and you simply return it along with your commission envelope at the end of the event. It is all taken care of on location. Simple as that...
How do I get a corner space? Write the request on the application, and if we can do it, we definitely will. Be aware that putting a request on the application does not make it a guarantee. There are too many factors involved to make guarantees on such things. Local merchants, exhibitors that may have applied before you, or the show's layout may not allow for a corner. We will try our best to accommodate you...
Can I get electric? Again, write the request on the application, and we will place your booth in the best possible location to get electricity. Often times we are pulling electric off of street lights or buildings, so as you can imagine, this can be a bit unreliable. If electricity is vital to your business, you may want to invest in a generator. We suggest a Honda Whisper Generator so that your neighbors at the event won't be disturbed by the hum of the motor. If you call our office, Jason has a good connection to get generators at rock bottom prices. Feel free to inquire.
How do you handle the 10% commission? The commission is done on the honor system. An envelope is handed out on the final day of the event. All you have to do is turn it in along with your tax envelope before you leave. Please don't send these envelopes. We often have to settle up with the city, casino, or tax department very shortly after the event. Without your numbers, it makes that a difficult task.
Will there be other exhibitors selling the same items that I sell? We don't do exclusives. If we did, we would have a ten booth show. We do however, limit categories. Overloading the show with to many of the same exhibitors doesn't help anyone. If the show is big enough to support more then one of the same type of booth, you may run into a little competition. If you're concerned about this, you can call our office a couple days before the event, and we will be happy to tell you if there are any similar booths also signed up.